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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Pocket Linings / WCCKAL

Because the West Coast Cardigan KAL was extended by a month, I had high hopes that I would not only finish my Thunderbird jacket ahead of schedule but that I'd possibly be able to crank out a second version of the WCC before the end date.

However a two week family vacation preceded by a wicked cold and followed by a horrible stomach flu forced me to reevaluate my lofty goals to finish two custom sweaters by the end of the knitalong. I think at this point, still running on low batteries, I'll be perfectly happy to have finished one by the end of the KAL.

Fortunately, before I got sick (or went away), I'd finished all of the knitting on the garment and installed the zipper and only needed pocket linings. Because I'd managed to gain a few extra inches in body length during blocking, the original pocket linings were then too wide to fit the space in which they were meant and needed to be reknit. The reknitting got put off for quite some time but didn't stop me from wearing it pocket-lining-less (and even slipping my hands in the pocket openings, lol, no one was the wiser — only I knew the pockets weren't finished).

{ top : original pocket linings / bottom : amended pocket linings }

I decided to pin and dry my wet-blocked pockets to the inside of the jacket where they were to fit in order to get the perfect dimensions since I had altered the finished measurements slightly. 

All that's left to do is to sew in the new linings and I can call this sweater officially complete!

I've also got a special spring announcement coming up — be sure to check back!
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If you are thinking of casting on your own WCC, feel free to post in the knit-along thread here — even though the official deadline has passed, it's a great way to share your project with other WCC knitters.

It's also become a wealth of information. I've compiled a list of all of the WCCKAL posts. Some of them break down the more involved portions of the pattern. They're a great resource if you're looking for more in depth instruction and visual tutorials!


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