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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

IN THE GARDEN / June Poppies

The sun has finally arrived to the Island, it's been unseasonably grey and chilly for this time of year. The garden is loving it! I didn't take nearly enough photos of the garden last month — these are a few of my favourites from June. 

These oriental poppies were a gift from a friend — every year when they bloom it makes me smile and think of her.  Plants with a story are the best. 

And this little guy decided to bloom, aren't the teeny flowers darling? 

. . .

We're so happy the sun is finally here! Is it summery where you are? 

Friday, June 9, 2017

Finally Finished / WCCKAL

You may have been following our West Coast Cardigan knitalong earlier this year and wondered if I ever finished my project!? As sometimes happens, I reached 99% completion with just a few finishing steps and well, life got busy, cold and flu season was especially bad, and before I knew it, months had passed!! However, camping season is here and I knew I needed to finish before our first trip. Elsie and I live in our West Coast Cardigans when we're in the woods!

I actually completed the sweater close to the deadline but wasn't happy with the zipper. I'd foolishly purchased  one before blocking and since I purposely blocked some length into the finished garment the zipper ended up too short and the fronts puckered once the zipper was installed. I think I may have also mentioned that because I'd stretched the length my pocket linings were then too wide and short so I reknit them to match the new dimensions of the sweater.

I've snapped some pictures and I'm excited to finally share my finished Thunderbird WCC with you! I've actually been wearing it, wonky zipper, faux pockets and all! It's very rewarding to have it finished properly and enjoy real pockets and a zipper that doesn't pucker!!

{ Now I'm ready for camping!!! } 

Do you bring your knitting camping? What are your favourite knits to wear in the woods? 


If you are thinking of casting on your own WCC, feel free to post in the thread here — even though the official deadline has passed, it's a great way to share your project with other WCC knitters.

It's also become a wealth of information. I've compiled a list of all of the WCCKAL posts. Some of them break down the more involved portions of the pattern. They're a great resource if you're looking for more in depth instruction and visual tutorials!


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

SALE — Birthday Sale ♥

Thank you for spoiling me with birthday wishes and thoughtful messages on Sunday — it means so much 

To show my gratitude I'd like to pass a little birthday savings on to you — receive 50% off today only! If you've been coveting any of my designs you can now add them to your pattern library for 50% less!

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H a p p y   K n i t t i n g !

Friday, May 26, 2017

IN THE GARDEN / Succulent Babies and More

We've had rain followed by plenty of sun and the gardens are looking really lush! I only have a few photos to share this post — I had taken a bunch more in our sunny garden where the vegetables live however, lack of shade means shooting needs to be done on overcast days and unfortunately my sunny day shoot didn't turn out as well. Oh well!

I've moved all of my indoor succulents outside where they are much happier. I love propagating succulent babies with leaf cuttings, it's so fun to watch! My results had been varied until reading this post, now they are pretty consistent!

My kiwi babies are filling out! You may remember I started these guys from seed that I'd collected from local fruit. I'm waiting for them to grow flowers so that I can determine which plants are male and which plants are female.

{ My two hellebores are winding down as things warm up }

{ pretty poppies started from seed }

If you've been following my gardening adventures over the years you might remember this guy! When we had to leave our big garden I took a cutting from Mama Fig not knowing if it could be propagated this way. It's fate was fairly in the beginning but this little fig is a survivor (and definitely my baby)! He would probably thrive if I could give him more sunlight but for now he's content enough to produce fruit – I couldn't ask for anything more :)

Here's a picture of the original cutting (it was essentially just a stick in dirt for months and months!) – Elsie and I were incredibly surprised when this sprout pushed it's way up the following spring!

What have you got growing? Have you propagated plants from cuttings?

Friday, April 28, 2017

EVENTS / Within Trunk Show and Signings

I am so happy to announce that we were able to reschedule our trunk show dates to some of our favourite yarn shops! These events are a great opportunity to view the trunk shows in person, try on the samples, and grab a copy of Within. If you've already purchased the book, bring it in for us to sign! And don't forget to bring any #withinknits projects, we sure would love to see them!

May 20th, 1–4pm
Bainbridge Island, WA


May 21st, 1–4pm
Carnation, WA

Find full details on our events page.

If you're near either of these wonderful shops, come and say hello!
We'd love to see you! 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Within Feature in Knit.Wear

I can't tell you how honoured Shannon and I both feel to have our book Within featured in the latest issue of Knit.Wear! To be included in this coveted magazine alongside Norah Gaughan on this minimalist wishlist (I want all of these things!)  — is a real pinch me moment! Thank you all for your support of the book, it means so much to me and without it we wouldn't have been able to reach this achievement!

This Spring/Summer 2017 issue of Knit.Wear just hit stands April 3rd and is full of modern classic inspiration! Find it at your local yarn store or grab the digital version here

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

In the Garden // Coming Back

{ Kiwis I started from seed collected from locally grown fruit purchased at Red Barn Market — I was really surprised to find they'd survived the winter! }

One of my favourite things to do on the blog is share what's growing in my garden. I never know if I'm boring the majority of knitters to tears with these posts, but when I look back in the archives I always feel so encouraged by the responsiveness to these In the Garden posts. And I love hearing about what everyone else is growing!

You may have noticed that there weren't any gardening posts last year. It's a bit of a sad story, one that I felt too sad to share as it was happening. The communal plots that the neighborhood children and I had been tending were decidedly revoked and returned to grass. It was pretty emotional for me to see them go, but I knew I couldn't fight for them because the commitment to maintain them myself was more than I could afford to contribute. I had to make peace with it and let it happen.

My neighbors and I were able to rescue a few of the perennials but the rest went to yard waste. I found a new home for my raspberry canes and they are being lovingly cared for :) This year I've organized myself enough to grow a few other things along with the raspberries — tomatoes, garlic, kale, and peas are at the top of the list! And we've also found a third space to grow space hogs like zucchinis and potatoes!

{ Elsie's hand print, a Mother's Day gift from long ago — reappears every winter as things die off only to disappear again each spring when the Sweet Woodruff comes back to life — it always makes me smile }

The strawberry plants and all of the herbs are lush and green. I've also started a variety of tomatoes, a few zucchini, raab, spinach, cape gooseberries (ground cherries), basil, and arugula in our sunniest window. I'll try to snap some shots of them to share for next time.

What's coming back to life in your garden right now? Have you started any seeds indoors this year? I'd love to hear your plans for the growing season! 

. . .

And don't forget to check out the BOGO pattern sale going on right now until April 9th! Only 3 more days to scoop up a few new patterns for a great deal!