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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Collar Knitting - Step by Step / WCCKAL

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I've finished the collar on my West Coast Cardigan! I strayed slightly from the pattern and decided to block my sweater before knitting the collar. The collar can be awkward during wet blocking and it doesn't really benefit from it as much as the rest of the body does. The body was much easier to manage on the blocking board without having the collar attached, I definitely recommend working in this order.

Collar Construction

The collar construction is really fun and results in a generous shawl collar that is knit all in one piece without any seaming. To help visualize the steps I've created a short picture tutorial. 

. . .

STEP 1 / Section 1 - Right Front

First, stitches are picked up one row at a time along the right front neckline to form a triangle. Once the triangle is complete, stitches are picked up along the back neck and left front. Below is a photo taken after completing SECTION 1 / Right Front of the collar instructions.

#WCCKAL project by

STEP 2 / Section 2 - Left Front

The left front is worked similarly to the right. Short rows incorporate one stitch at a time until a triangle is formed. Below is a photo taken after completing SECTION 2 / Left Front of the collar instructions.

#WCCKAL project by

STEP 3 / Section 3 - Center Back

The back neck stitches are worked last, back and forth, until all of the collar stitches have been used up. The remaining stitches are bound off and the collar is now complete!

#WCCKAL project by

Next up, zipper instillation and pocket linings! 

. . .

We've also extended the deadline for the knitalong to the end of March so there is plenty of time to finish up, cast-on another, or join in for the first time! Check out all of the inspiring projects in the #WCCKAL feed or using the hashtag #WestCoastCardigan.

. . .


If you are thinking of casting on your own WCC, feel free to post in the knit-along thread here — even though the official deadline has passed, it's a great way to share your project with other WCC knitters.

It's also become a wealth of information. I've compiled a list of all of the WCCKAL posts. Some of them break down the more involved portions of the pattern. They're a great resource if you're looking for more in depth instruction and visual tutorials!


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