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Monday, July 9, 2012

In the Garden...

The heat of summer has finally arrived and my garden is basking in the endless summer days. One happy little thing that I've noticed is the succulents that are sending up flowers. 

This doesn't seem to happen every year and I attribute the display to the plants level of happiness :) They are very happy this year.

My rasberries are turning red which is exciting. 

And I've moved my strawberries to hang in a tree because the first handful of ripe ones were eaten by slugs. So disappointing. 

I have to say the level of destruction has completely diminished and now we can finally enjoy these tasty little guys. 

Also, one upside to the un-summer like weather we've had to endure is that my lettuce has yet to bolt! I've had an endless supply of yummy greens this year and I've been extremely happy with the varieties I'm growing, I'm taking lots of notes and there are many keepers in this bunch! 

Clockwise from top left: Red Oak Leaf, Roxy, Cimmaron, and Little Gem.

 a handful of Kale rainbow lacinato



  1. Lovely, Jane! Such pretty photos.

    1. Thanks Amy! How is my niece settling into the greenhouse or has she moved to the backyard in this gorgeous weather?

  2. All of my plants are wilting in the heat and sun! These look so fresh and vibrant.

  3. What a lovely garden! When I lived in the Northwest it was always a race to get to the strawberries before the slugs. If I mention slugs my kiddo always chimes in "You don't like slugs because they EAT YOUR STRAWBERRIES!"

    1. So true! I had almost given up on growing them altogether, what's the point if they all just turn into slug food!

  4. I started growing my lettuce in a big pot to avoid slugs. So far, so good! (It's been two years with no problems.) I haven't grown succulents; yours are beautiful.

  5. Gorgeous photos Jane!! What I would give to be able to have a proper garden! That bowl of lettuce is making my mouth water...mmmm... ♥