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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Starting Early

One of the most exciting things about our new place is the garden. Not only does our new yard have two apple trees, one pear tree, and three fig trees, it also has a vegetable plot. It's nothing close to the 11 raised beds we built in Parksville, but it's an urban garden and we will make the absolute best of the space we have available. 

Chris and I have yet to sit down and make a plant list and I'm already thinking about the tomatoes I will grow. I always start my tomatoes from seed, this year will be no different. I'm tired of feeling defeated by the sight of monstrous tomato plants at nurseries in late April when the ones on my window sill still look spindly and small. I've decided to experiment by starting a few plants early this year to see if it makes a difference at all. 
I know it's ridiculously early and I'm sure it won't give me a leg up in the end but I'm just dying to start my garden and watching tomato seeds ferment at my kitchen window is about the best I can do. 


Is anyone else planning a vegetable garden this year? Or maybe just potted tomatoes on the patio? Are you itching to dig in the dirt?


  1. yep! but snow is coming again tonight! working in the garden sounds wonderful....i can't wait for spring! ann in indy

  2. lots of snow here too and -40C to boot! Ack! When I got my copy of West Coast Seeds I just about had a heart attack! It's exactly my kind of porn!

    Can't wait to see some of your lovely garden shots this summer!

  3. We have a few vegetable beds and a small strawberry patch. We're hoping to add some wild and crazy raspberries from friends this year too. I am jealous of your real fruit trees though. No seed starting yet. No planting here until late May so just seed dreaming these days!

  4. ooh, I'm starting to think ahead to spring garden as well!! I'm obsessed with the idea of having a little meyer lemon tree, since I saw one on someone's blog who has a potted one that they have outdoors in the summer and indoors during the winter. I also want to start new pots of tomatoes and basil, parsley, and rosemary. I tried green peppers last year, but the raccoons kept eating them off the vines while they were really small. I've heard kale is really easy to grow, I might try that this year- I eat a tonne of kale.

  5. One of the best things about February is the seed catalogs! They are the little ray of hope that helps me to power through the long Michigan winter.
    Very jealous of your fruit trees! Can't wait to see photos!

  6. I am itching to dig! We moved into our house 6 months ago so this will be my first growing season here. I want to build two raised beds and was just saying yesterday that I need to figure out when to start it all. I have big plans :) Good luck!

  7. I started my plants from seed last year with poor results. I'm determined to try again this year and start the seeds earlier. Good luck!

  8. I'm quite excited about starting my garden this year. I built 3 raised beds last year with some peppers, lettuce and jalapenos. They're coming along quite good so far.

    Growing vegetables on the whole gives me a great deal of therapy and I can't wait to get my hands dirty again!

    Good luck!

  9. I can sympathize with your feelings about seeing the fully developed nursery plants in April. I often start late, had trouble watering enough last year (before we had a well.) But I did have peppers until a week ago when my late bloomers froze.
    keep us posted

  10. I have a small square (just one meter...) in my courtyard. I have to think about it beacause it's very small...
    I am a huge fan of rhubard, but it's not gonna be possible in a such little square... If you have a garden, don't hesitate to grow it, it grows like grass !
    Rasperry, strawberries... Lettuce (for the pleasure of snails...) ? Tomato ? Carrot ?

  11. Grew my first garden last summer and loved every minute of it. Learned how to can and everything! However, I never did pull up all the dead stuff so I'm afraid I'll have a bit of cleanup to do this spring before I do too much planting!

  12. we always start our tomatos rediculously early - like early february (didnt this year cause we moved) but the results were awesome. our tomato plants grew into tomato trees and we ended up having to make a lot of canned puree cause we had so many ripen. also you probably already know that variety makes all the diference, i prefer indeterminate varieties so they ripen throughout the season, and stay away from something called early girl (novice mistake) We also left ours indoors until they were almost a foot high and watered on a regular (to the hour) schedule. good luck this year!!!