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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Fog.

The fog has rolled in and it has completely changed the scenery of our morning climb up Mt Doug. Here is the view as we crest the top...



{View from the top on a sunny day in October}

{Same view... today}

:::There was a time when we were living in Nanaimo that the fog lasted so long (weeks) without clearing that it actually made me feel claustrophobic. You couldn't see the world around you, it was such a strange feeling.


  1. Weird! How long will it last this time where you are?

  2. It is a strange feeling! I can totally relate to you. Although, I think that there is this mysterious beauty in the fog as well.

  3. I find it romantic, but I can understand that after a few weeks of this you feel claustrophobic!

  4. I remember talking to my sister while she was out there, she said that sometimes the fog was so thick where she was that you couldn't see across the road!