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Friday, October 5, 2018

Thank You.

I actually made it to Knit City this year, not as a vendor, but as a knitter who wouldn't miss it for anything. I wasn't able to shop, but I collected so many wonderful hugs — thank you to everyone who came up to me and expressed how happy they were to see me doing so well. I have so much to be thankful for. All of the love and compassion I have received since my accident — I'm certain I won't be able to repay it all in my lifetime.

Because I wasn't able to host my birthday sale this year I've put together a very special thank you sale instead, just in time for Canadian Thanksgiving :) For today only, all of my patterns are 50% off.

50% OFF 


Sale ends Friday, October 5th, 11:59 PST

Receive 50% off (no coupon code needed) when you
purchase any patterns from my 
Website or Ravelry store.

I have a growing collection of quotes that I've been slowly and thoughtfully adding to over the years. I think quotes can be great reminders of things we need to hear, whether we're having an exceptional week, or slogging through a really tough one. I like to rotate through them, displaying ones that resonate with me at the moment. In my down time I taught myself modern calligraphy with brush pens. I'm using my quote collection to get weekly practice so I don't lose what I've learned so far. I'll leave you with this quote from this weeks lettering practice... 

If you have a favorite quote that resonates, I'd love to hear it.

H a p p y   k n i t t i n g   f r i e n d s !

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  1. I read this quote a while ago in a knitting blog, just when I needed it and it sums up a great way of dealing with difficult situations (and it's exactly the way I knit, I never read the whole pattern at once: "Life should be dealt with the same way you deal with a complicated knitting pattern - one line at a time."