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Thursday, April 6, 2017

In the Garden // Coming Back

{ Kiwis I started from seed collected from locally grown fruit purchased at Red Barn Market — I was really surprised to find they'd survived the winter! }

One of my favourite things to do on the blog is share what's growing in my garden. I never know if I'm boring the majority of knitters to tears with these posts, but when I look back in the archives I always feel so encouraged by the responsiveness to these In the Garden posts. And I love hearing about what everyone else is growing!

You may have noticed that there weren't any gardening posts last year. It's a bit of a sad story, one that I felt too sad to share as it was happening. The communal plots that the neighborhood children and I had been tending were decidedly revoked and returned to grass. It was pretty emotional for me to see them go, but I knew I couldn't fight for them because the commitment to maintain them myself was more than I could afford to contribute. I had to make peace with it and let it happen.

My neighbors and I were able to rescue a few of the perennials but the rest went to yard waste. I found a new home for my raspberry canes and they are being lovingly cared for :) This year I've organized myself enough to grow a few other things along with the raspberries — tomatoes, garlic, kale, and peas are at the top of the list! And we've also found a third space to grow space hogs like zucchinis and potatoes!

{ Elsie's hand print, a Mother's Day gift from long ago — reappears every winter as things die off only to disappear again each spring when the Sweet Woodruff comes back to life — it always makes me smile }

The strawberry plants and all of the herbs are lush and green. I've also started a variety of tomatoes, a few zucchini, raab, spinach, cape gooseberries (ground cherries), basil, and arugula in our sunniest window. I'll try to snap some shots of them to share for next time.

What's coming back to life in your garden right now? Have you started any seeds indoors this year? I'd love to hear your plans for the growing season! 

. . .

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  1. I think it's so cool that you started kiwis from seed! My sister-in-law purchased property with some very old HUGE kiwi vines and man they are prolific. I don't have anything started from seed, but I did just get my onion starts in. And I'll be planting loads of basil as soon as it warms up a bit more. I do a CSA so I'm usually knee-deep in greens by June, but there are varieties I really like to grow for myself (spinach, mache, and maybe some collards this year). So much fun planning the garden.

    1. How fantastic about your sister-in-laws kiwis! My dream would be to buy a property with mature fruit trees and vines! I've never grown onions before (or many root vegetables for that matter!), do you need heaps of space to grow them? I would love to join a CSA, I'll have to scope out what's available to me locally.

    2. I don't give my onions all THAT much space honestly. I usually end up thinning them to use as scallions (I'm planting Walla Walla sweets so they're nice as spring onions), and then harvest as I need them, so some are smaller in the beginning and then I'll let some mature. CSA's are great, although you don't have any control over what comes so some weeks it's all beets and 8 kinds of lettuce! At least mine is. Some growers have much more variety so they have more options. Good luck!

    3. Oh that's brilliant (re: the onions)! And good to know about the CSA's, I'll have to investigate!