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Thursday, October 9, 2014

eBook /// SEASONLESS: Mini Collection Volume One

SEASONLESS: Mini Collection, Volume 1 by Jane Richmond and Shannon Cook #SEASONLESSknits #knitting #eBook #book #patterns

I am so excited to finally reveal the latest collaboration between Shannon and I! 

Modern minimalism was our style inspiration and pieces that are suited to any season was the end goal. A comfortable pullover, a crescent shawl, and an open work hat make up the seasonless pieces of this mini collection. 

SEASONLESS: Mini Collection, Volume 1 by Jane Richmond and Shannon Cook #SEASONLESSknits #knitting #eBook #book #patterns

The Schwimmen hat and Laylow shawl were designed by Shannon Cook. I designed the Palladio pullover. My inspiration was comfort. I spent all summer long in loose A-line tank tops and roomy round-neck pullovers. My goal was a sweater with a fitted yoke and bust that tapered out towards the hem line, creating a relaxed fit, gently brought in by a 1 x 1 ribbing. This pullover is amazingly comfortable to wear and incredibly flattering on all body types. 

Palladio pullover by Jane Richmond from the SEASONLESS: Mini Collection, Volume 1 by Jane Richmond and Shannon Cook #SEASONLESSknits #knitting #eBook #book #patterns

     Over the weekend we had a booth at the third annual Knit City where we launched our new collection. Originally, we had planned to sell a limited number of the printed booklets as a special item at Knit City and then return home and make the eBook available from then on. But the response to our printed booklets has been overwhelming and we want to give everyone an opportunity to buy their very own printed copy!

And so today we are launching the eBook, because we can't bear to keep you waiting any longer! But if you have your heart set on a hard copy of the 29 page, high quality printed booklet of SEASONLESS we will be offering if for sale for a very limited time, coming soon!!! So stay tuned for that!


SEASONLESS: Mini Collection, Volume One 

Included with the eBook:

/// The 76 page eBook includes the entire photo shoot with gorgeous photography from Nicholas Kupiak

/// Extra resources for knitting help

/// An interactive PDF for easy navigation between the pattern pages and website links

/// Reformatted, print-friendly versions of all of the patterns

or purchase the individual patterns


...and for those who picked up a print booklet at Knit City, your coupon code on the inside back cover should now be activated! Don't forget to redeem your digital copies!!

The "s" at the end of  the word "publications" in the URL (on the Coupon Code sticker) was accidentally left out, here is a link to the redemption page: 


  1. So glad this is finally available, because I've been on the edge of my seat! Everything looks beautiful. :-)

  2. Do you have an idea of how much the printed booklets would be? The patterns all look beautiful!

  3. If we order the e-book and then want a hard copy, how will the pricing work?

  4. what a gorgeous mini collection all 3 are gorgeous!