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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Beacon Hill Cardigan || Now Available Individually!


. . .

Last fall my Beacon Hill cardigan design was published in Cascadia, a fabulous collection of local talent put together by the amazing organizers of Knit City

Well today, my friends, (actually yesterday, to be precise), all of the fantastic patterns from the book were released for individual sale!

You can download the pattern directly from Ravelry: Beacon Hill cardigan


  1. This is beautiful! I've always really appreciated the simplicity and elegance of your patterns. I've actually been considering different patterns for my first cardigan. I've already added this one to my Ravelry queue!

    1. Thank you Veronica, it's so nice to hear that!

  2. ooh I love this one! I'm working on my first adult sized sweater for my husband and then maybe I'll try my hand at one of your beautiful patterns for myself. I've got some gorgeous Royal Alpaca just begging to be made into something so cozy.

    1. Good for you for tackling your first adult sized sweater!! And you aren't even making it for yourself! I wish I could be that selfless with my knitting! lol. Oh Royal Alpaca, that sounds like a heavenly combination!!