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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Knit ISLAND Challenge

Over in our Ravelry group there is a Knit ISLAND Challenge going on right now. The one year anniversary of the book is coming up in October and Christina thought it would be a fun challenge to have knit all of the pieces from the book by the time Knit City rolls around. 

. . .

Here are the deets for the Knit ISLAND Challenge:


Celebrate the 1 year anniversary of ISLAND.

As soon as there are enough participants.

October 26th, 2013.
This is the first day of Knit City 2013, where ISLAND was launched last year.
Finish all of ISLAND’s 5 patterns. 
Don't forget to tag your projects knitISLAND.

$25 gift certificate towards Jane Richmond Design’s

No requirement to attend Knit City in Vancouver! 

~ If you have already knit some of the patterns from the book you are halfway there!!! ~


  1. That sounds so fun! If I had yarn for Grace, I'd be in. :) I'll follow along to see everyone's beautiful projects!

    Congrats on the anniversary of such a lovely book!

  2. so excited! just a little left to go on my grace sleeve. finished island just in time for journey : ) be well!