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Monday, February 18, 2013

Off the Needles || Wellington

While on our ISLAND Book Tour I had the privilege of meeting Melissa Thomson, the talented indie dyer behind the Sweet Fiber Yarns line. Our first introduction was via email and Melissa invited me to design something special for her upcoming trip to Stitches West. After working with her yarns, it's no surprise they've become my new fave. 

Her range is incredible and offers something for everyone.  

Her subtle neutrals are perfection, they are evenly dyed and so knit worthy, these colourways make your stitches glow, they are glorious.

{ Silk Cashmere Lace in Paper Birch }

Rich multifaceted colourways boast layer upon layer of colour. These might be my favorite, they're everything I love about Madtosh only local! Their depth and duality are irresistible.

{ Cashmerino Worsted in Tea Leaves }

And lastly, outrageous colourways that combine loud vibrant colours that shock the senses in the very best way.

{ Cashmerino Sock in Sour Watermelon }

 ...this is the skein that Shannon picked up at 88 Stitches on our ISLAND book tour. Isn't it amazing!

Melissa sent me home with a pressie. I nearly fell over when I opened the bag, inside were these 4 skeins of Cashmerino Sock in Spanish Coin. Are they not the perfect Jane colour!

 Also in my goodie bag were Melissa's signature Yarn Candy stitch markers. These just happen to be my all time favorite stitch markers after receiving a RAINBOW set for Christmas from my Aunt Karen quite a few years back. I LOVE them and was elated to have more! 

 Not only did Melissa spoil us but her Mother Sue, owner of 88 Stitches made sure we didn't leave empty handed. I put my store credit towards this unbelievably luxurious skein of Sweet Fiber Yarns Heirloom in Ever Grey. It's 70% Silk, 30% Cashmere and 100% heavenly. It's destined to become something very special, even if it takes me years to figure out what that something is! ...I'm open to suggestions. 

And now, onto the original intent of this post (I realize I've gotten completely side tracked with yarn love).

My design for Sweet Fiber Yarns...

This is the Wellington hat. It will be available exclusively through Sweet Fiber Yarns at Stitches West, booths 1041 & 1043, this Thursday through Sunday (February 21st - 24th). The pattern will later be released for purchase online after April 1st. 

You can also pick up copies of ISLAND at the Sweet Fiber Booth at Stitches West! 


  1. I really like this design! It's a bit crazy, since I start knitting last summer, I think there is only one thing out of six that wasn't from one of your patterns. And the yarns from sweet fiber look really gorgeous. Too bad I can't go to Stiches West...

  2. Beautiful!! I'll have to look out for Wellington at Stitches next weekend!

  3. jealous I'll have to wait till the 1st for your lovely design! In the bay area and my pals are going, but alas, must work and then host my son's bday party. Can't wait to have a crack at the pattern! Thanks for featuring new to me yarns.

  4. I was so happy to purchase this hat with some lovely yarn at Sweet Fiber today at Stitches.. I could have spent a LOOOT of $ there but managed to get away with just the pattern and yarn for the hat. Lovely!

    1. I am incredibly jealous you were there today, aren't Melissa's yarns incredible! It would be easy to spend a fortune.

    2. yes it could have been sooooo easy to buy out the whole booth, but I think with all the other shoppers they came pretty close!!

  5. I, for one, did not have BB's restraint and lightened my wallet considerably. I somehow lost my Wellington sheet while piling up yarn, so I'll have to wait for April. Good thing I have Island to console myself....

  6. gorgeous hat design! i love it and the yarn! off to go drool some more.

  7. I have started knitting this hat, but the pattern seems to have a mistake. In the 'Body' section it skips row 3 and does not mention what to do anywhere. Could someone help out?

  8. Please disregard the previous comment. I just figured it out.

    1. I'm so glad you figured it out! If you ever require pattern support my email address is listed on the bottom of every pattern as well as in all of my books.