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Monday, July 23, 2012

The Finalists

The race to be the first ripe tomato is finally over. Today I picked these beauties off of their vines, they are the first ripe tomatoes of the season and boy was it a close finish. Gold Nugget is our official winner, these three little guys were properly ripe when I picked them and practically fell off the vine. Tied for second place, Rocket and Glacier weren't quite as ripe but tasty nonetheless. 

Here are the results of the taste test: 

Rocket was sweet and very mild, this tomato packed the least punch, we'll see if it's a better contender when it's good and ripe. I give it third place.

Glacier was our flavor winner, a little sweet with just enough acidity to give it zip, this one packed the most punch, even slightly under ripe! Yum.

Gold Nugget had a bit of zip too but was milder than the Glacier, I haven't been as impressed with the yellow tomatoes in previous years, they've seemed a bit bland against their red counterparts. This one was quite nice in the flavor department.

Are you growing tomatoes? Who were the winners in your garden this year?


  1. My tomatoes were challenged this year - first with the squirrels gobbling parts of them and running off; then with the extremely high heat; and now they are drowning from the rains last week. Mine are in pots which adds an additional challenge. I did rescue some stems and left them on the screened porch to rippen off the vine. They were sensational.

    1. Challenges indeed! What varieties did you grow?

  2. You are so ahead of my garden! I have several kinds of tomatoes. My dad gave me a few plants (I think they're "Early Girl"), but clearly not early enough! They're still green. I planted a couple types from seed, and they're only just reaching up and sprouting flowers now.
    I'll have to get back to you on that. Your beautiful produce is inspiring!

    1. I ordered all of my tomato seeds from West Coast seeds and chose most of them based on their "earliness" since the cool west coast is not ideal for raising them. I'm really happy I did my research because it's payed off, if you are starting from seed you need to do it REALLY early, I recommend February or March if you have room in your house. I laughed about your "Early Girl", my "Early Cascade" is a total disappointment, there is no sign of fruit!

  3. ooh, they look so juicy and gorgeous, not at all like the sadly anemic tomates that you get at grocery stores. This is the first time in years I haven't grown cherry tomatoes (the arrival of the baby meant I totally missed planting anything until pretty much the middle of July) and I'll have to live vicarously through your lovely veggie garden.