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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wrap Up Party at Urban Yarns

This past weekend was the Dyeing to Get Some Colour class that I mentioned a while back so I jumped on the ferry Friday and spent 24 hours on the Mainland. 

My first stop was at Urban Yarns in Point Grey for a Wrap Up party to celebrate the end of their Jane Richmond Knit Along. I brought a bag full of samples to pass around and try on and had such a great time seeing all of the finished objects made from my patterns, it was such a thrill! 
{ Kynna }

Urban Yarns has quickly become one my favorite LYS for 3 very good reasons:
1. Staff
They are so fun, energetic, welcoming and friendly! They make it worth the stop :) 

2. Stock
 Anina knows her stuff, she keeps a good eye on what's trending in knitting and stocks her shop accordingly. Not only does she carry what's tried and true, Anina makes sure to stock the yarns we can't get enough of, one look at their selection of Madelinetosh and you'll see what I mean. They also carry a huge selection of Spud & Chloe and Blue Sky Alpacas!
3. Savvy
Anina and her staff are internet Savvy. They embrace Ravelry and the online knitting community as well as independent designers. The internet has changed the face of knitting and it can be so discouraging walking into a shop that doesn't embrace this fact. (I was actually treated like a nuisance at one LYS because I was using a pattern downloaded from the internet. I certainly don't consider Manu by Kate Davies any less of a pattern just because I've printed it from my computer at home!) 

There was wine and cheese, and plenty of laughs going around. I'm glad I forgot my knitting in the car because it was nice to just chat and observe and check out what everyone was working on.

{ Such a fun group of ladies! }

 I had such a great time meeting everyone, thank you all for such a warm welcome! 

I even went home with this gorgeous skein of MadTosh...
 Thank you Anina for fueling my latest obsession!
 . . .
I would also like to apologize for not posting an announcement about this event on the blog. I really wanted to share the details before I left so that anyone wanting to attend had a heads up but I woke up really ill on Thursday which pushed back all of my preparations for this trip. I was so sick in fact that I was sure I would have to cancel! So I apologize for not being more organized, it wasn't my intention.
. . .

As for the colour class, I think it deserves a post of it's own :)


  1. i also love urban yarns! i can't wait to go back! xo

  2. Yay, we loved having you! I didn't realize you were recently sick! I'm so glad you came :) Come back any time!

  3. What is LYS? I'm a yarn noob :)

  4. Isn't finding the right LYS just a great feeling? Judging from the stack on the table your "bag" of samples looks more like a suitcase! Awesome work girl!

  5. Great post, Jane. When we find our "tribe," it's the best feeling.

  6. I'm so sad that I missed this event! But so happy that I got to see you the next day at the workshop! :) I love your pile of samples, so sad I missed that too! I love the photo where everyone is wearing a Rae!

    I went to Urban Yarns on Sunday and was thoroughly impressed by the entire shop. The fact that the staff was so friendly is just the cherry on top! I think it'll definitely become one of the shops that I MUST stop by at whenever I'm in Vancouver!

  7. I would have driven to Van City to see you! I swears! I am so glad that you had a great time though! Looks like the KAL went well!

    1. I know! Being sick meant I didn't make any plans before hand like I had wanted to. It did mean I could get in and out of Van in 24hrs which was sort of incredible! Virtual hugs Hols :)