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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Off the Needles: Classic Raglan Pullover for Ladies

This project has been on my mind since I published the Classic Raglan Pullover for children back in March of 2010. I loved Elsie's little pullover so much and have wanted to make one for myself ever since. This fall has been the season of powering through my To-Do list and it feels so good to mark this one done. 

I've also been craving a comfy pullover with a bit of room since the temperature has dipped, so I was really pushing to get this off the needles and into my wardrobe. With my favorite scarf, it's the perfect outer layer on those fall days that are mild enough to go without a coat. 

Because the size range is so huge I've tried something brand new. The pattern is written with Fill-in-the-Blanks so that you only have to follow your size as you work. I really enjoyed working from the pattern. It was much easier to follow without a list of 11 different sizes at every turn, and because measurements are given for metric and standard... that's 22 numbers for every set of instructions! 

If you would like more detailed information about the pattern you can visit the pattern page, or...


  1. I swear we have the same knitting agenda! ;) I love this! I just finished knitting the Oatmeal Pullover (which has gotten quite a bit of wear since coming off the blocking mats!) and was contemplating knitting another cause it's just so comfy...especially in this nippy weather that we're having!

    Great job Jane! :D

  2. Oh, this is exciting! I love my son's classic raglan - it'll be fun to work on one for myself!

  3. ooh, so pretty and classic!! you must've done these photos before the big chop- your hair is still long!

  4. Fill in the blank is brilliant!