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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Camping at Salt Lake

 I've finally put together a post of pictures from my Girls Camping Trip. I took so many pictures (458 in 3 days) and I love to share but my favorite thing about these posts is the reference it provides me, it's like rereading a journal entry, it's nice. 

Day 1: Lake Crescent

 On day 1 we hiked 8 miles along the shore of Lake Crescent.

We came across a cave which turned out to be an old railway tunnel.

 I thought it was sort of spooky ...but neat. 

The water at Lake Crescent is crystal clear and bright blue. The lake is incredibly deep and the only thing stopping you from seeing all the way to the bottom is the lack of light once you reach a certain depth, it's eery.

It was smoking hot that day and our reward for hiking eight miles was a swim in the lake.

 { Sunset: Day 1 }

We camped at Salt Creek. It's a beautiful spot, waterfront, where you can catch amazing sunsets from the rocky beach.  

 { Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup }

Val taught us how to make Banana Boats, a gluten-free, smore alternative that she was introduced to on her last camping trip. They were so good we bought more bananas so that we could make them again.  

 Ours were not gluten free :)

The fully loaded bananas are wrapped in foil and placed in the fire until the chocolate and marshmallows are nice and gooey.

 ...unwrap and eat with a spoon!

Day 2: Hurricane Ridge

This is my most favorite hike, ever

 { Do you recognize this view from my Road Work post? ...notice the snow to the right. } 

One of my favorite things about this hike are the wild flowers, I must have stopped a zillion times (thank you for putting up with me B & Val!). 

Depending on what time of year you are there the surrounding plant life can look very different.

I enjoyed this description of the seasons... 

 { "This high trail has two seasons - lingering winter and brief summer..." }

Back at the car a fawn came right up to our window to give us a sniff.

 { Sunset, Day 2 }

 B wore this hoodie on our last Girls Trip. We drove down the coast and camped the entire way, we decided to turn around at San Francisco but never was there a plan to follow or a schedule to keep. During this trip the journey really was the destination. It's a nice motto and a great way to look at life, it makes things more enjoyable. 

( also describes how I feel about knitting.) 

Day 3: Heading Home

{ Snack before catching the Coho }

I think they called this savoury roll the 3P because it had Pesto, Pumpkin Seeds and Parmesan. It was so amazing I took this picture just so I could blog about it! If you are ever in Port Angeles, stop at the Itty Bitty Buzz! They serve goodies made by Oven Spoonful and they happen to have the best blended mocha's in town. Yum... I highly recommend it.


  1. What a fun trip! I love looking back on my old blog posts and reliving those moments, it's totally like a journal. I've got to try those banana boats!

  2. Wow. That lakes looks so beautiful! I love the picture of sunset day 2 with the little island. And I will definitely try the banana boat.. even when I'm not camping... lol