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Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Magazine

My sister told me that there was a knitting article in Monday Magazine this week, at Knit Night Arika mentioned it as well. I finally tracked down a copy (it's been out since Thursday)...

...and knitting made the cover!

{ On the Cover: Stephanie Papik and Ryan Davis of Knotty by Nature }

The article is entitled Social Knitworking and includes a long write up about the Bitchy Bees, Victoria's largest knit night group (...on Ravelry they have 266 members!). The social aspect of knitting and the modernization of the craft get me really excited. Because my life revolves around knitting, I sometimes wonder if the excitement I feel about the resurgence of knitting is something that maybe I and a few knitting friends share, but seeing articles like this make it feel very real, like knitters are everywhere and people are noticing!

{ ...our last knit night was over desert and cocktails, I heard a guy from the large party behind us mutter something about knitting nuns, we look like nuns? }

 ~ ~ ~

The article also mentions Fibrations, Victoria's newest fiber event! This is from their site... 
 "...a community-based celebration of fibre artists sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for their craft."  

When: August 21st, 2011, 10am - 4pm
Where: St. Ann's Academy Orchard, 835 Humboldt St, Victoria, BC

Key events: Marketplace, Demonstrations, hands-on activities, a SAORI Kai and a loonie/toonie auction featuring locally made items.

If you're in the area save the date and come support this fun local fibre event...


  1. Yay for our pic! So fun!
    KNitting nuns my ars! I wish I had heard him I would have a few choice words to loudly whisper back over that We are anything but only he knew half of the things that went on in our conversations...wink wink :P
    Can't wait for Fibrations.

  2. hahaha LOVE it!! love the pic too! :) knitting nuns. bahahaha. whatever. so sad to be missing fibrations... pretend i'm there, k?

  3. Hi Jane!

    Thanks for you comment! :) I was super excited about this article too, it made me giddy and gives me hope that maybe it'll help change a few minds about knitting and how it's no longer like it used to be back in the day!