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Monday, August 22, 2011

Fibrations 2011

Yesterday I attended Fibrations, a brand new event held in the orchard at St Anne's Academy, downtown Victoria. When I first got wind of this event I was so happy because the cancellation of the Victoria Fibre Fest was a major blow (what can I say... I'm a fibre fair junky!). There was very little info on vendors or other details when the event was first made public and I wasn't really sure what to expect in terms of scale and appeal in the marketplace ( I was hoping for yummy yarn :)

I was not disappointed. There was so much yarny goodness to be enjoyed.

{ Kattikloo from Salt Spring Island }

 { Hummingbird Fibre Arts }

 { Handspun by Humming Bee Farm }

 { colourful fibre on the Knotty by Nature blanket }

...and lovely designs to be admired. 

{ the Stella Cowl by Emma Galati }

And because this wasn't just a knitting/spinning event there was so much variety in the marketplace. 
I love that Rachel is knitting, it just ties it all in for me!

{ Rachel Jo of Salt Spring Island }

Shannon and I were like the paparazzi, running around, snapping away! People must have thought we were nuts!

The vibes were so good at this event. It was really well orchestrated yet it felt so relaxing and informal, my needles and I could have hung out under those apple trees all day long.

 I'm really glad that Shannon and I stuck around until the very end. We had the opportunity to sit and knit with a handful of the days organizers and volunteers. Thank you so much for making this event a HUGE success!

Did you attend this event? Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the day!


  1. wow, it looks like it was a fantastic event, and you had perfect weather!! I haven't seen that cowl pattern before, it's gorgeous.

  2. i soooo wish i could have come! next year for sure!!! thanks for sharing!!

  3. Yay for fibre festivals! I hope it was only one of many that you and I will attend together :)

  4. You and Shannon's pictures are great! Was great to see the two of you there! It was a great event to attend and a lot of fun to organize.


  5. nice pictures and nice yarns! congrats!!

  6. It was so nice to meet you! What a fabuous day, of warmth, sunshine and wooly goodness! A great, and representative assortment of pictures!