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Thursday, July 21, 2011

In the Garden... the last of the peas.

We have a ton of peas in the garden and they are starting to look a little tired. 

 { Snap Peas / Sugar Daddy from West Coast Seeds }
~ sown outdoors feb 15 ~

 { Elsie likes me to split the pods open 
so that she can eat each little pea }

 We took our big green bowl outside and harvested what was left on the shoots, which was alot,
considering just 10 days earlier I had filled this bowl...

...then we pulled out all of the plants. I've really tried to stay on top of the vegetable garden this year. I love how each vegetable has a time of year it grows best in and the beds are constantly changing. Lettuce, radishes, carrots, and beets are constantly being sown for a continuous crop throughout the season. I really enjoy these cycles and I'm trying to use the space as efficiently as I can. I have a notebook which I use diligently, although I have to admit there are a few gaps in my note taking. I've learned so much this year and there are so many things I plan to do differently (better) next year. 

Do any of you who tend vegetable gardens have rituals you swear by? A spreadsheet? A notebook? A calendar? How do you stay organized? I'd love to know.


  1. I have a vegetable garden. This is my 4th year with a garden. Tis year I had to improvise because my cleaning lady threw out all 75 plants I had started in the house with my son. ( she has since been fired) I am still Lear ing what grows best in my area, etc.

  2. Great photos! Little one is darling.

  3. one day i'll have a garden again. :) so nice that you can use your space for a garden! i bet it smells good in there :) i grew up on a hobby farm, and one of my chores was plenty of weeding. our family started out with a HUGE garden. like crazy huge... we toned it down, but you learn with each passing year :)

  4. I'm curious to read all the suggestions your readers have to offer. I attempted to have a garden last summer (or was it two summers ago...hmm...) and I failed horribly because I tried to make it bigger than I should have.

    That is quite the impressive pea haul!

  5. I can't believe those peas! Wow, that's a huge haul. Awesome.

    This is our third garden this year. We learn each year a bit more about what grows well in our garden and what doesn't. We've figured out how to get lots of fruit from the apple and pear trees, but I can't sort out why our strawberries never work. It's fun to see what will grow. This year our peas (surprise surprise) and zucchini are doing really well in the cooler weather.

  6. I was just kinda blogging about it, especially when I first started gardening. It was a good way to keep track of what worked/didn't work, but I do that less and less these days. I should really keep a gardening journal, I think.