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Thursday, June 16, 2011

In the Garden...

 { Gumboot Family }

We have had hot sunny weather with the occasional rainy day and the vegetables in my garden have grown tremendously. I'll warn you now that this post is full of plant photography and gardening banter so if you have no interest in vegetable gardening or the like I suggest you skip this post entirely because you may be bored to tears :)
 { Snap Peas / Sugar Daddy from West Coast Seeds }
~ sown outdoors feb 15 ~

The peas are in bloom and growing like weeds, during my photo shoot this morning I even found a few pea pods, exciting! 

{ Red Butterhead Lettuce / Marveille Four Seasons from Aimers Organics }
~ sown indoors march 21 ~

Red butterhead lettuce is about the only type of head lettuce I buy in the store. I sowed a ton of these seeds and only ended up with 3 little plants, the rest did not survive. They also took forever and a day to get big, now that they are established they are the prize of my garden and I don't know if I'll be able to bring myself to eat them, isn't that silly?  

 { Green Zucchini / Ambassador from West Coast Seeds }
~ sown outdoors may 23 ~

The mesclun mix was flowering so I've pulled it out and sown yellow & green zucchini as well as bush and edemame beans.   

{ Arugula / Roquette from West Coast Seeds }
~ sown indoors march 21 ~
The arugula was also flowering so I've seeded some more as well as a second batch of radishes...

{ Arugula / Roquette from West Coast Seeds & Radishes from Vibrant Seeds}
~ sown outdoors june 6 ~

The strawberries have just begun to turn red in the last few days.

And although they are still green, the roots of the carrots are getting really big...

  { Carrots / Bolero from West Coast Seeds }
~ sown indoors march 21 ~

 ...As well as the beets, I love when the root ball starts to peek out of the soil...

 { Beet / Red Ace from West Coast Seeds }
~ sown
indoors march 21 ~

 { Broccoli / Green Magic from West Coast Seeds }
~ sown indoors march 16 ~

 { Lettuce / Buttercrunch from McKenzie }
~ sown outdoors may 10 ~

 { Cherry Tomato - Sweet Million plant purchased from Cannor Nurseries }
~ planted outdoors may 22 ~

 { Kale / Rainbow Lacinato from West Coast Seeds }
~ sown indoors march 16 ~

 { Pea Tendril }

{ Basil / Genovese from West Coast Seeds }
~ sown outdoors june 6 ~

It's finally warm enough to sow basil so I've scattered some seed around the tomato plants, I read somewhere that planting basil with your tomatoes improves their flavor.  

::: I really hope you've enjoyed the virtual walk around my garden. Are you growing vegetables? Have you blogged about it? Leave a comment with a link to your gardening blog post if you share my love of edible gardens!


  1. LOVELY garden! i so wish we had the space!! i have a tiny balcony herb garden :) basil, rosemary, cilantro, and chives....
    when i was younger we had 50 acres of land, and a garden i HATED weeding.. now i dream for it. hrmmm. hindsight, hey?

  2. Pretty photos and such a wonderful garden!

  3. Love your garden! This is my second year tending to a garden and I can't wait until I have something to harvest! I've got tomatoes, green peppers, red peppers, string beans, cukes (pickling and others), two strawberry plants and some yellow squash! YAY for home-grown food!

  4. oh wow, your garden is looking so beautiful!! that strawberry! Wow. I've bee reaping the rewards of my kale, which, nerdily enough, is my favourite veggie.

  5. wow...I love your garden.... enjoy mine!

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