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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fibres West 2011

Fibres West was held last weekend and you know I had to hop on the ferry and go! This was my second year attending and I had the best time!

The highlights for me were...

Meeting up with the lovely ladies from my old Langley Knit Night, I secretly went just to see them :)...

...but they know that. 

I made them yarn ball totes to use for their shopping... 

{...we were the Yarn Ball Gang}

{Candace and her sweet felted crochet bag}

I also had the chance to meet a few blog readers and Ravelers in person. Aja had come all the way from Washington (it was so good to meet you!) and Tracy came from Bowen Island (you've certainly inspired me to try my hand at dying!).

 My favorite vendors this year were...

I love Sweet Georgia Yarns. Last year's event was my first introduction to Felicia's yarn which resulted in my Georgia cardigan. The colour palette she offers is perfection, even her muted colours pack a punch. What makes these colours so rich are the undertones, many of the colours have several layers to them creating these multidimensional colours that are so unique and totally irresistible. 

This company was new to me, they are from Salt Spring Island and I think Fiona's husband (above) mentioned that they had moved from Quebec... I loved all of the muted colours they had on display and their merino was super squishy and soft, I really regret not buying a hank for myself. 

 Being at a fibre festival and being able to touch and feel fibres that I've only ever heard about online like Madelinetosh and Malabrigo is such a treat. I've never worked with either and had to indulge and see what makes them so popular. Valley Yarns had all of the big names including Namaste Bags and an assortment of popular designer patterns.

My favorite part of Trish's booth this year was chatting with Kathy
who was hopping all over the place and helping out everywhere!
(I can't wait to see your Georgia!)

 Now onto the most important topic, the shopping...

{Every one of us made a purchase at Sweet Georgia Yarns}

{Vintage Buttons at the Fibres Plus booth}

{The Fraser Valley Knitting Guild was even winding up peoples purchases! Yeah! ...I apologize for high jacking Holly!}

As for me...

If any of you listen to the Never Not Knitting podcast, I am like Alana when it comes to fibre festivals. I get totally overwhelmed by all of the fibre-y goodness. This sometimes leads to poor choices or even no choices :)

Last year I was on my "buying a sweaters worth of yarn" kick and was also restricted by a very small budget. I drove myself crazy trying to choose the perfect yarn, and in the end, the yarn I decided on had sold out before I got around to buying it!

This year I tried a different approach, I decided that I would sample the yarns that appealed to me by purchasing only one skein each. This really took the pressure off and allowed me to make better choices. Last year my indecision resulted in shipping costs and zero instant gratification. Changing my buying habits means I can try out all of the yarns that inspire me and order only what I need once I have swatched, calculated, and drafted a pattern.

Allowing myself to buy yarns simply because I liked them was such a joy! Maybe you already allow yourself to shop this way but for someone like me who is always calculating what the yarn will become this was like growing wings!

I bet you would like to see what's in my bag...

drumroll please...

by Sweet Georgia Yarns
- saffron -

by Sweet Georgia Yarns
- goldmine -

by Sweet Georgia Yarns
- tumbled stone -

by Madelinetosh
- chambray -

by Malabrigo
- glazed carrot -

by Madelinetosh
- sequoia -

 All in all, this was an awesome event and I encourage you to go next year!

{...there was even a yarn bomb at the entrance!}

::: What about you? Did you attend? What fibre-y goodness did you go home with???


  1. Love your buying strategy! I tend to shop the same way at knitting marketplaces.

  2. You totally made me want to go next year. It looks fun!

    Did you know that Knotty By Nature carries Malabrigo and Madelinetosh? I'm actually on my way out the door to go get a skein of Malabrigo right now. :)

    And how sweet of you to make cute yarn ball bags for your friends. I bet they were so excited!

  3. The Sequoia color is DEF my favorite. Very rich earthy tones. You should start selling those yarn ball bags!! I would buy one for sure.

  4. Wow, what a great note taker you, you remembered both my name and my Rav name too! Good luck with your dyeing, try an inexpensive undyed yarn, like patons or a bargain from your local yarn store, and do some no guilt dye play!
    You looked lovely in your Georgia sweater!
    I bought several types of lovely stinky unwashed fleece, yum! Happy spinner me :)

  5. Beauty! Your wonderful post is making me anxious for the Knitter's Frolic in Toronto.
    You got a great haul there :)

  6. What a simply gorgeous haul!! I'm so jealous that you got to go to the SweetGeorgia booth! I think Saffron is my favourite colourway at the moment, so beautiful! I'm really loving those yarn ball bags!