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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random Pic of the Day...

{Rainbow Alphabet}

:::I didn't help at all, and no I don't have OCPD.


  1. Aww. Look at her! She's so big!

  2. she's a beauty Jane, and obviously has your creative edge!
    Jane B

  3. Okay so I helped her a lot, and I might have OCPD.

  4. She's such a doll! I do stuff like this all the time with my kiddos! Finishing up my first Oatmeal pullover. Hopefully I'll have it done soon... it's freezing here!

  5. Hi:) I just wanted you to know I read your blog. I'm friends with Shannon from luvinthemommyhood ... Heard about your blog and knitting from her... Although I don't knit much more than scarves yet:)
    I also wanted to say I was in line at Costco and recognized your amazing orange sweater:) I immediately remembered where I saw it and you:) love the sweater and loved seeing someone who's blog I read!! I had my two little boys with me who got yummy bubble gum candy canes.. I'm sure you don't remember us but I won't forget seeing you:) next time I'll be brave and say hi:)