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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Off My Needles: The Minimalist Cardigan

You may remember from this post that I had nearly completed the Minimalist Cardigan. I neglected this project for a long time when I realized that the yarn I had chosen was soooo wrong for this pattern. The pattern calls for an alpaca merino blend and I, in my hurry to secure some vacation knitting, chose Patons Classic Wool simply because I had enough in my stash.

I grumbled a bit about the stitch pattern but in the end it was well worth the trouble.

The sleeves are far too long for the style that they are, they sort of flare out before the cuff, and it makes me look like such a goof. I was convinced that I had unusually short arms since I had followed the pattern to a T but I noticed that the other projects on Ravelry seem to fit people the same way it fits me.

It's a shame because there is nothing I dislike more than a finished knit that won't get worn. If this garment weren't knit in pieces I would unravel it in a heart beat and save the yarn for something else but I honestly can't be bothered to pick out all of the seams and frog each individual piece.

At least it's finished, photographed, Raveled, blogged, and off of my list of things to do. Now all I need to do is find someone to gift it to. 

...please excuse the poor excuse for a backdrop in the back ground of these shots, I still haven't sorted out where to stage my photo shoots in our new place.


  1. that's too bad it didn't work out. The colour looks amazing on you!! I'm sure whomever you decide to give this too will love it :)

  2. oh, that's too bad you don't love it! It happens though. It'll make a wonderful gift, for sure!

  3. You have a cousin with the same name, and very same coloring............just saying......
    Jane B

  4. I made the same cardigan and felt the same way about the finished garment. I still think it's great pattern and might make it again someday, but I think I would make it a size smaller than I normally do.

  5. glad to hear about the issue before i ever tackle the cardi. but yeah, the stitch pattern has had me putting it off for sometime! too bothersome.

  6. I'm sorry this is one of those projects! I have a number of those in my knit past. I like to hold out hope that it'll come in use some day. Perhaps you'll get the urge to unravel, once some time has passed. It's happened to me!

  7. I actually think it look really nice on you!

  8. It doesn't look too bad. I have to say that has been one of my least favorite knits to date. I'm glad I'm not the only one that found the stitch pattern to be grumble worthy. Can't wait to see your next project!