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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random Pic of the Day...

I think the main reason I have trouble blogging regularly is because I put so much pressure on myself when I write, it just has to be perfect...

I tend to forget that the blog began because I finally purchased a digital SLR and my habit of snapping a ton of photos at random multiplied considerably... I really needed something to do with them and a blog seemed to give them purpose.

In order to stay true to my original intentions I believe a random photo in lieu of a post is better than no post at all...

This is Manni. My daughter takes him everywhere... they eat together, sleep together, drink milk together. She likes to bite on his nose when she is nervous or excited, that's when I tell her "No biting Elsie, just kisses". The only time he leaves her side is when he's taking a bath.


  1. What a sweet little bear bath :) Though what does your daughter say when Manni goes in the dryer?

  2. aw, how sweet!! He looks well cared for. It's those treasured toys whne we're little that I don't think we ever quite forget.

  3. Wow he looks brand new! My stuffed toys from my childhood were snuggled a bit to much. I'm glad he's well cared for :)

  4. Cute :) I think a photo blog can be just as expressive as a wordy blog.

  5. That photo just shouts out "childhood" :)
    Also, wanted to let you know I linked to you on my blog as part of the Sunshine Awards :)

  6. Best picture! Love it. Hope you are well.

  7. A Rebel XS by Canon, it's the base model of DSLRs but very worthy.