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Monday, July 27, 2009

Hunting and Gathering

Or fishing and harvesting...

When we moved back to the Island Chris decided that he needed something in his life that was equivalent to my knitting, a passion, this is what he settled on...

We live a block from the ocean and he is out on his boat every chance he gets. He likes to fish, so far just catch and release. The other night he brought a rock fish home for supper.

What made this supper so special is that none of our food came from a store. With the vegetable garden growing like mad and the fish that Chris had caught we were able to feed ourselves from the fruits of our labours. This was a first for us, what a great feeling.


  1. 1 block from the ocean - wow - that's super. How nice to enjoy fresh fish and home grown goodness. :)

  2. That is a wonderful feeling! I hope I can accomplish that for myself some day :)

  3. fantastic! I'm glad he's got something he loves too.. now.. all you have to do is go out with him and knit on the boat! LOL

  4. That's wonderful!! talk about eating local and fresh, it must have been delicious!!

    - Julie

  5. That is so cool and I bet it was delicious!!

  6. YAY Chris.... sounds yummy!