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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

New Website + Blog Move!

I'm moving!
I've been secretly working on a new website since last August!! And because my pattern line is extensive and this blog dates back to 2009, it's been a very long haul to get things moved over—for now, I'm rolling out a soft launch. On the site you'll find 35 of my top selling patterns (you can still find my full pattern line on Ravelry), my entire blog archive has been moved over, plus there are some great new features to the site! Eventually my entire pattern line will be available on the site as well but for now I'm really excited to share the added functionality that the new site has to offer!

The site is hosted through Shopify which is a familiar platform for many (I personally love the accelerated checkout!). Patterns are ready for immediate download after purchase and there's even a nifty Ravelry integration which allows users to download the pattern file directly AND add it to their Ravelry library for safe keeping if they so chose! (YESS)!! Learn more about this optional feature on the new FAQ page.

The tutorials page has had a face lift, I'm hoping it will be easier to navigate and find what you need. Tutorials are grouped by media (blog articles with photo tutorials are listed first followed by video tutorials linked from my YouTube and Instagram. I'd love your suggestions on new tutorials you'd like to see! 

 Jane Richmond / Knitting Tutorials

A new section for knit-alongs has been created where you can find KALs both past and present. Knit-alongs can be a great resource for pattern specific support. Find tips, tricks, and step by step instruction in the knit-along archives. If you are working on one of the patterns featured in a knit-along it's definitely worth browsing it's knit-along resource page for additional info or fun modification ideas. For now the two most recent knit-alongs are posted and I hope to add many more from the archives as content continues to be added to the new site.

 Jane Richmond / Knit-Alongs

For those of you who enjoy watching my garden grow, I've tucked a link into the footer navigation where you can browse the In the Garden archives!

 I really hope you enjoy the new site and continue to follow along as more content gets added and blogging resumes over in the new space!

  To celebrate the new website and blog I'm launching my birthday sale early!!

50% OFF — early birthday sale!

The sale is normally 50% OFF and one day only across multiple platforms (website, ravelryetsy) but as a special treat I'm offering this discount early for an extended period exclusively on the new site from now until my birthday (June 4).

Happy Knitting!

Monday, March 16, 2020

25% OFF — sending you virtual hugs ♥

It's time for my annual spring sale however this is a spring like no other. I wanted to send out a virtual hug to each and every one of you. While we practice social distancing and for many of us, self isolation, at least we knitters can take comfort in our stitches and hopefully keep cabin fever and restlessness at bay!⁠

HUGS my friends ♥ ⁠

25% OFF all of my independently published patterns.
Sale is valid on Ravelry and Etsy — no coupon code needed. Ends March 22.


Tuesday, October 29, 2019

SPOTLIGHT / Shepherd Toque

I hope you've been enjoying this months pattern spotlight! It's been really fun coming up with tips, tricks, and project highlights to share with all of you. Stay tuned for next months pattern spotlight, which will be revealed on Instagram November 1st. It's a special one and I'd love to hear from you if there are any tips you'd like me to focus on.

Once again I thought a quick round up of the month's Shepherd Toque posts would be useful to have all in one place! Or if you missed them on Instagram you can read them fresh for the first time here.

1 — Fabric

The fabric of the Shepherd Toque is key. The Sandnes Garn Tweed used to make this mid-weight version (below) may be classified as bulky, however the knit fabric is anything but! This brushed yarn knits up to a larger gauge while producing a feather-weight fabric. The result? A toasty warm toque that can be scrunched into a ball and tucked in your pocket.

It's hard to tell just how light it is in a static photograph, I thought a video would be a more dynamic way to show off the characteristics of the fabric.

2 — Double Brim

Like so many of my hat patterns, the Shepherd Toque features a double layer brim! This technique is a cinch to do and results in a more comfortable and flattering fit. It also reduces the dreaded 'hat head'!! To add a doubled brim to any hat simply double the length of the ribbing for the brim, fold in half towards the inside of the hat, and seam in place. ⠀

When tacking your brim in place the goal is to keep it super stretchy like the rest of the fabric. I recommend knitting into every other stitch and be mindful not to pull too tight - keep the seam nice and relaxed. ⠀

 { Fingering Version knit in Woolfolk Sno, Color No. 1+17 }

{ close-up of seamed double brim — both photos are of the wrong side of the toque }⠀

3 — Pom Pom

One of the easiest ways to dress up your Shepherd Toque is with a simple pom pom! You can completely change the look of this minimalist toque with a yarn or faux fur pom. This one (below) from Rose and Purl is THE best — it is fitted with a cord that makes tie on a cinch! I also find the cord makes it really easy to switch things up if you're not ready to commit to a full-time pom pom or want to untie it and add it to a different hat!⠀

4 — Ultralight

The Shepherd Toque is feather-light! That means it is a very portable project to pop in your bag and knit on the go. It also means it won't add much weight to your travels, whether it's tucked in a hiking pack, or folded up in your pocket!⠀

To give you an idea just how airy light the Shepherd Toque is, these are how little the largest size of each version weighs in the recommended yarn:⠀

Ultralight — 25g⠀
Mid-weight — 40g⠀
Fingering — 42g⠀

This Ultralight version weighs as little as... teeny tiny Gingham scissors. 

...or this compact white-out dispenser.'s also more than 3x lighter than this little banana chocolate chip muffin from my lunch!

...Clearly I had way too much fun with this tip! 

Discount + Giveaway

This month we were generously sponsored by local yarn store Beehive Wool Shop. They're making it that much easier to cast-on your very own Shepherd Toque by offering 10% off a skein of Woolfolk Tynd or Sno this month, using code SHEPHERDHAT (limited to 1 skein per customer — offer ends October 31st)! And with this months spotlight wrapping up they have also contributed a skein of yarn to our pattern giveaway. Check out our giveaway post on Instagram for all of the details and to enter to win!

Saturday, September 28, 2019

SPOTLIGHT / Arika Cowl

This fall we thought it would be fun to highlight a favourite pattern each month! September the spotlight has been on the Arika cowl and throughout the month we've posted helpful tips and tricks on social media, shared a few inspiring projects, and have a giveaway planned to close out the month! I thought it would be handy to recap some of the highlights here on the blog!

1 — Seaming

When seaming, it is very important to leave the 2x2 ribbing unstretched, so that the knit 'columns' are visible and the purl 'columns' are hidden in between (see picture below). This creates a wider neck opening, and provides structure to help the cowl stand up around your neck.
This tip is written into the finishing instructions of the pattern however, in the excitement to finish an Arika, it can sometimes get missed which is why I am bringing this tidbit to attention!

For anyone who has already made the Arika and found their cowl a little too snug around the neck, it may be worth taking out your seam, and redoing it with this tip in mind!

 Stitch Pattern

Did you know? The openwork section of the Arika Cowl, which gives it the amazing shape, and drape, is a variation on the Herringbone Lace Rib Stitch? ⠀

This stitch combines knits, purls, and yarn-over stitches to give you a mash-up of standard 2x2 and eyelet ribbing. With a simple two row repeat; one action row and one rest row, it's really easy to memorize (and easy to read your stitches)!⠀

 Right & Wrong Sides

Sometimes it's difficult to differentiate the right and wrong side of a fabric before a knitter develops that familiarity and is able to "read” their stitches. The Arika cowl has a unique openwork ribbing, the right side of the fabric can be distinguished by it's pronounced knit columns between the paired eyelets. The wrong side, as pretty as it is, can be recognized by the purl bumps on the backside of our right sides tidy knit columns.

(right side)
(wrong side)


If you're running low on yarn when it comes time to add fringe, a genius hack is to omit the fringe along the back neck. You can also opt to use this mod if you'd prefer a little less bulk in the back!

Discount + Giveaway

We were fortunate enough to have our local yarn shop Button and Needlework Boutique sponsor this months pattern highlight! If you're local to Victoria they've been offering an incentive to cast on an Arika, head in and grab a skein of Kenzington by Hikoo for 10% off the regular price before September ends!

They've also generously donated a skein of yarn to giveaway with a copy of the pattern to one lucky knitter! To enter the giveaway hop on over to Instagram for all of the details!

And that's a wrap! Until next time, I'll leave you with this stunning version of Arika knit in Tanis Fiber Arts Grey Label Chunky, isn't the Tartan colourway incredible?

Don't forget to tag your projects with the hashtag #arikacowl so that I can see your beautiful work! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

50% OFF — Birthday Sale

My birthday has come and gone this month but in keeping with tradition, I’d like to continue the celebrations by offering 50% OFF all of my patterns on my website and Ravelry store for TODAY ONLY — no coupon code needed!
Happy Knitting!

Friday, June 14, 2019

3 Clarkes on the Beach

April, 24th — 2018

 { Cate, Elsie, and I in our matching Clarke's }

I unearthed these photos along with this unpublished blog post that remained unwritten except for it's title. It's dated April 24th 2018, just 2 weeks before my accident. Because of my brain injury, revisiting things that happened in the days and weeks leading up to my crash make me feel off balance, the memories are foggy and incomplete, almost like they belong to someone else.

I'm slowly beginning to make better connections and physio has helped reconnect my mind with my body. I feel so much stronger and more like myself.

Brain injuries are harder to treat. And when your body is badly broken, often they get overlooked for your physical injuries. Having others reach out and share their experience with concussion has really helped, thank you for sharing, it's meant a great deal to me.

Getting back to work has been a slow and unsteady process and I feel grateful to have had your  support through this difficult time. There are too many who cannot take adequate time off to heal, it hurts my heart. 

I hope you've enjoyed these fun photos. Happy Friday friends ♥ 

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Me Made May / Pledge

{ Ginger Jeans — View A }

Me Made May is just around the corner (even closer—it begins tomorrow!) and I've thought long and hard about my pledge as this will be my first year participating. 

I have so many home made items in my closet that wearing something me-made every day won't be much of a challenge. Instead I'd like to use the challenge to teach me a few things about my wardrobe as a whole, how I can round it out and really hone in on those things that flatter me most and make me feel my best. 

Here is my pledge  (if you would like to sign up yourself, it's not to late, visit the sign up post here). —

'I, Jane Richmond, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May 2019. I endeavour to do the following:

1 — Wear one me-made item daily to (hopefully) identify the pieces I love, move along (or tweak) the ones I don't, and zero in on any gaps in my me-made wardrobe.

2 — Catalogue my me-made outfits daily to help reflect for task #1 above.

3 — Make a solid plan to add 2-3 bottom half projects (ie. pants, shorts) to my sewing queue by the end of the month.

...during May 2019'

I was the 794th person to pledge to the Me Made May challenge! I can't wait to follow along and get inspired by other makers who have joined as well. I'm nervous of biting off more than I can chew but excited to make the effort and finally participate. 

Have you plans to join in on Me Made May? If so, are you a rookie or a vet?